COVID-19 Vaccines Ages 5-11

Pfizer vaccines are now Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) for prevention of COVID infection for children age 5-15 years.

What You Should Know

The COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer) for Kids Ages 5-11:

  • Is a different dose size than those age 12+
  • Is safe and effective with minimum side effects
  • Significantly reduces your child’s risk of getting COVID, or suffering from severe COVID (hospitalization/ICU/Death)
  • Generates a robust immune response offering protection when going to school and other indoor social gatherings
  • Can reduce missed school days

Scientific statements:

  • Pfizer was found to be 90.7% effective for those age 5-11, and 95% for those age 12+ link
  • Pfizer vaccine reduced risk for covid hospitalization by 93% amongst adolescents age 12-18 link
  • Natural immunity is not enough- vaccination is also still recommended for those who have been infected with COVID as immunity from natural infection is not certain. A recent study showed that unvaccinated people with previous COVID infection were 5x more likely get infected with COVID compared to vaccinated people link

Ready to Vaccinate Your Child?

To book an appointment, visit:

Remember to select the specific age of your child when scheduling as doses are different for those age 5-11 than those age 12+.

Some providers, pharmacies or health systems are also offering vaccine appointments for children that may not appear on

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