Vaccine Education Videos - Archive

Public Health Seminar Series: COVID-19 – Rising to New Challenges
Learn the latest information related to COVID-19 from our expert panel, featuring Alison Holman, FNP, PhD, FAAN, FABMR; professor, Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing; Brian Paegel, Ph.D., professor, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Daniel Parker, Ph.D., assistant professor, future School of Population and Public Health; Darlene Lee, ND, MSW, Naturopathic Doctor, Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, and Cyrus Dastur, M.D., associate clinical professor, School of Medicine. This event is part of the Madeline Martin Swinden Memorial Lecture series. View Video.

Immune Resilience Strategies Panel Discussion
Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Centers/Metagenics hosted this panel discussion integrative providers, from PLM/Metagenics, OC Health Care Agency, and UCI in the discussion about during the COVID-19 pandemic. 8/27/21. View video:

The Future of: The Delta Variant.
The OC Forum hosted a discussion on "The Future of: The Delta Variant" with representative from UCI & UCI Health, as well as HCA Deputy vaccine_videosy Health Officer, Dr. Chinsio-Kwang. View the conversation as health care experts and education professionals discuss the future of Orange vaccine_videosy and its impact on our children going back to school. View Video:

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and how they work.
Watch the CDPH FB discussion about the safety of the vaccines, learn about common misconceptions, and get a better understanding about pregnancy, fertility, and barriers to vaccinations with Regina Wilson, Dr. Rhea Boyd, Kamie Crawford and Teala Dunn. #GetToImmunity #VaccinateALL58 #CaliforniaForAll  View and share the video.

Let’s Talk Back to School - The Children’s Partnership.
We were joined by an exemplary panel of experts who shared, to an audience of over 300 participants, critical information and resources about what families and children should know about returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Information was presented by guests from the California Department of Education, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, California Safe Schools for All Team and California COVID-19 Vaccine Drafting Guidelines Workgroup. View Video:

CDPH: Should Pregnant People Get the Vaccine?
A short video regarding safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 for pregnant women with Dr. Diana Ramos, MD, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.